Tweede Tol – Bainskloof

A swim in a fresh mountain stream convinced us that our next trip needed to be at the Limietberg -Tweede Tol

Our picnic packed and costumes on, we headed through the breathtaking Bainskloof pass from Wellington. We found Tweede Tol near the end of the pass.

The scenery looked great with picnic tables already in place, finished with steps to the river. Unfortunately we could only enjoy an hour here.A family near us began celebrating; breaking any peaceful nature experience, which made it hard for other groups to enjoy their time here. A troop of angry baboons stole food from many people who where picnicking there. Little children were frightened by their violent calls, the chaos caused many families to leave.

We drove back over the pass and found a picnic spot to enjoy the views of the Wellington vineyards and Table mountain in the distance.