The Shipwreck Trail – Cape Point

Our latest Adventure @ Cape Point

Table Mountain National Park

Off to Table Mountain National park. My buddies and I arrived to see the most beautiful place in Cape Town…well..above it. While driving up we saw a perfect spot to sit and look at an amazing view of the endless seas. While sitting near the edge on the grass it was near impossible NOT to see the enormous cargo ships come in and out of port. I fell asleep in the silence that was only broken by the sound of birds and swaying trees. There are so many hikng and biking trails to be enjoyed, especially if you dont feel like standing in the long line to use the cable way to head to the top of the mountain.

The next place we went to had a birds-eye view of Sea Point. We made our way to Signal Hill. When we got out of the car we stood over-looking Sea Point while watching the para-gliders go one by one slowly ascending then descending like a sea gull on a windy day. We spotted a few more ships in the distance, Enjoying some good coffee and conversation.

Table mountain National park is truly the TREASURE of Cape Town that we all get to enjoy.

Tweede Tol – Bainskloof

A swim in a fresh mountain stream convinced us that our next trip needed to be at the Limietberg -Tweede Tol

Our picnic packed and costumes on, we headed through the breathtaking Bainskloof pass from Wellington. We found Tweede Tol near the end of the pass.

The scenery looked great with picnic tables already in place, finished with steps to the river. Unfortunately we could only enjoy an hour here.A family near us began celebrating; breaking any peaceful nature experience, which made it hard for other groups to enjoy their time here. A troop of angry baboons stole food from many people who where picnicking there. Little children were frightened by their violent calls, the chaos caused many families to leave.

We drove back over the pass and found a picnic spot to enjoy the views of the Wellington vineyards and Table mountain in the distance.

assegaaibosch nature reserve- Stellenbosch

We used our Wildcard to explore Assegaaibosch nature reserve

We packed our picnic and headed through Stellenbosch to find Jonkershoek and Assegaaibosch reserves, both under the Cape Nature Banner.

What we loved: The open picnic spots over-looking a lovely stream and happy families enjoying their time there.

What we didn’t like: Poor signage, no actual entrance to Jonkershoek and the farmstead that is central to Assegaaibosch is closed with no signage giving visitors the correct information.

West Coast National Park – Langebaan

As I felt the sun shining through the window and onto my fur , I sensed the tingling of an adventure. I was right as we (my buddies, the smith family and I) hopped into the car and set off on the road. I heard Mrs.Smith say that we were heading to a place called The West Coast National Park ! I was really excited; the drive was beautiful as we passed farms and saw massive sand dunes. Once through the gates I looked around me and saw so much green – it was breathtaking; I raised myself higher to see the shimmer of beautiful blue water , surrounded by rocky hills and white sand.

I could not help but stare wide eyed at it all. I realized a short moment after that the car had stopped, we were heading out ! My best buddy Hannah helped me out and I noticed there was a walkway where I watched Abby waiting for us. Hannah and I took the lead; while looking around I noticed a massive speck of red on a twig and heard a little scream a moment after. Hannah was freaked out, Abby went to investigate and saw it was a grasshopper, there were tons of them all in the fynbos surrounding us. MR.Smith said if we stick to the path and don’t disturb them we’ll be fine, so that’s what we did.

I led us along the pathway where we spotted a tiny tortoise who decided to come and say “hi”, finally reaching the end of the walkway We entered a room with posters about birds. I noticed a sign on the door that said “keep quite” I wondered why, then heard Noah say we were in a Bird hide. Mrs.Smith opened a panel and looking out I saw all different kinds of birds such as the Cape oyster catcher and the Cape long billed Lark ! It was all so fascinating , MR.Smith snapped a few shots and we headed back towards the car.

Driving again we all discussed the different animals and what we hoped to see next . Our next stop landed us on the beach where I saw crystal blue water with soft white sand . Abby,Hannah and Noah where all eager to get into the water, once they were in it was hard to get them out again . I sat with Mr and Mrs.Smith admiring the views, Hannah came out to tell us about the hermit crabs in the water ,then we all witnessed 3 angel sharks swim passed in the shallows it was so amazing ! Abby got cold and decided to go for a walk. I noticed a few men on a boat looking into the water and moved to shallows as though they were chasing something.

When Hannah and Abby came back from their walk they told me it was a Cape cobra that got into the water ,but the men chased it out and it slithered away into the fynbos. Shortly after, we said goodbye to the beautiful beach and went to the Geelbek (yellow moth) restaurant. Upon arrival I noticed it had magnificent views.We were seated on couches with a glass table in the center. The atmosphere was relaxed and we could here the birds singing in the trees above . We had a delicious meal and regretted having to get up again, none-the-less we headed back to the car. As we neared the entrance said our last goodbyes to The West Coast National Park . I wonder what the next adventure will be , see ya soon !

Cape Point – Cape Town

Hi, my name is Mialu, I like to travel the Western Cape to tame my roar for adventure. I don’t go alone though, I bring my travel buddies along with me (the smith family). One recent adventure was at Cape Point.

A long wait brought us finally to the gates. We used our WILD card to go through.We drove in and the fynbos was BEAUTIFUL. As we drove through the amazing terrain,we spotted a few ostrich and if they were playing hide and seek their long legs give them away.We also came across the champion that beat the hare – a tortoise crawled alongside us as we drove passed. While we continued to head on we came across a bright blue color as we drove passed the sea.MR. and MRS. smith wanted to investigate so we found a route that seemed to head towards the bright blue.

Which it did, almost, the route led us to a tidal pool which was located next to the bright blue water.We had to climb down a little hill but there were no worries, well, yet.The smith family started setting up chairs and a tent, Abby Jadon Smith and Noah Elijah Smith went into the water while Hannah Mia Smith helped me onto her boogy board then all I had to do was strike my best pose for the camera.

As soon as the photo shoot was done I heard MRS.Smith ask MR.Smith if there was a shark in the water, MR.Smith quickly reacted, he got up from his chair and ran to call Abby and Noah out of the water.Not knowing what the reason was for the frantic actions their dad was making, they got out of the water.I was most frightened when I saw the shadowy figure move closer towards Noah, and to top it off he wasn’t running out of the water. Rather, he was speed walking! but both Abby and Noah got out of the water unscathed.

We stayed at the beach which we now call sharks bay due to the incident but we later found out that the real name for it was buffels bay.As soon as everyone’s mind had processed everything that just happened, we set out to see the monument’s of Bartholomeu Dias and Vasco Da Gama. They were the first of the European explorers to set sail around the southern tip of Africa.

After we took a couple photos we went on our way to Platboom beach. Once we arrived all three siblings got out the car and explored the beach. They found paths between a few rocks but all the path ways led to the ocean. While Abby and Noah stayed on the sand to have a look around, Hannah climbed the rocks to get a view from above. She used her binoculars to see if something was swimming about in the ocean. But all she found was a few sea gulls. Meanwhile Abby and Noah found a large bunch of sea snail shells.

After the expedition was complete, they headed back to the car and told me all about their experience. We started driving off to the next location which we decided was Olifants bos. On the way there MRS.Smith spotted something we never saw the whole day. In Fynbos was a Bontebok, but then one slowly started becoming two, then three, we had to stop to see them. They had really long horns, it was calming to see them peacefully eating grass. After we watched them for a while we continued to Olifants bos.

We finally arrived at our location and MRS.Smith took Abby, Hannah and myself to take some pictures. Noah came to take some pictures a little while after we took ours. We stayed a short while longer but then headed straight back to the car. We then drove off to our last location for the day which was the end of cape point. Over all I had a lot of fun venturing into Cape Point with my travel buddies (the smith family). Hope to see you next time!

Oudekraal – Cape Town

We drove to Oudekraal for an adventure and we were not disappointed, Mr. and Mrs.Smith sat down while the siblings and i went out to explore! Noah put his feet in the water while i did a photo shoot with Abby and Hannah. After the photo shoot we re-united with Noah then continued our expedition.We found a cave and followed it to see where it went but the further we went the tighter it, got so we had to go back.We carried on looking around then we found a bunch of rocks; we decided to climb them and when we did the view of lions head was awesome! we were also able to see what was going on beneath the sea but no fish were out at the time. see ya on the next journey!